Bellevue Hill Residence

Extensive restorations to the existing dilapidated residence and reconfiguration of internal spaces to provide improved circulation throughout zones and floor levels. Access to the original roof level viewing deck was via a constrained narrow stair case. The new design utilised the existing entry staircase on the lower level by extending it right up through to the roof level to create a single grand stair void and upper roof level internal office with views out over the harbour and precinct.

The home was partially demolished to make way for a new contemporary addition for the new kitchen, laundry, bedrooms, bathrooms and double garage. The simple finishes palette is of timeless appeal that allows the bones and period features of the home to be expressed.

Externally, structural works included a new pool, boundary shoring and piling, levelling of the garden areas and extensive soft landscaping to soften the home and utilise the entire site

Architect - Alwill

Photographer - Robert Walsh Photography